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US Business

 Gilead to Allow Cheaper Hepatitis C Drug in Developing Countries

Gilead Sciences said it will allow generic drug makers to make cheaper versions of Sovaldi, its $1,000-a-day hepatitis C pill, to sell in developing countries.

 German Auto Parts Maker to Buy U.S. Rival TRW for $11.7 Billion
ZF Friedrichshafen agreed to buy TRW Automotive for about $11.7 billion, creating the world's second-largest automotive supplier by sales.

 Boeing Takes Lead to Build Space Taxi
Boeing appears positioned to beat out SpaceX for the bulk of a multibillion-dollar NASA contract to ferry astronauts to and from orbit.

 Alibaba Raises IPO Price Range
Alibaba Group, in the middle of marketing what could be the world's largest IPO, has raised the deal's price range to between $66 and $68 a share because of strong investor demand.

 Sears Borrows $400 Million From CEO's Hedge Fund
Sears is borrowing $400 million from CEO Edward Lampert's hedge fund, giving the retailer an infusion for the holidays after it burned through cash over the summer.

 AB InBev Explores Financing for an SABMiller Deal
AB InBev is talking to banks about financing a potential megadeal, perhaps reaching £75 billion ($122 billion), to buy global beer rival SABMiller, according to a person familiar with the matter.

 Lockheed Martin Forms Tech Unit in Israel
Lockheed Martin, the world's largest defense contractor by sales, has formed a technology-focused Israeli subsidiary as it seeks to win new defense contracts in the country, a company executive said.

 Netflix Rollout in Europe Begins With France
Netflix launched in France on Monday, kicking off a weeklong roll-out into six European countries, including Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. It is the online video-streaming company's biggest single International expansion yet, and one of the most risky.

Fast Company
Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

 U2 Haters Rejoice! New Album Can Be Deleted From iTunes With One Click
Apple releases a tool that allows easy removal of U2's latest album, which Apple gave to iTunes users for free.After harsh social media backlash, Apple has relented and released an easy way for users to delete U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, from their iTunes library with a single click. The free album was deposited into around half a billion iTunes accounts in tandem with last week's launch event for the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of U2's custom iPod.Read Full Story

 Vivienne Westwood's Posh Virgin Atlantic Uniforms Apparently Injure Flight Attendants
Suffering for fashion at 6,000 feet: Westwood's sleek red uniforms are inflicting injury and blisters on Virgin's cabin crew.In July, punk rock fashion icon Vivienne Westwood debuted a line of '40s-inspired blood-red uniforms for Virgin Atlantic's crew. Airline owner Richard Branson called them "extremely glamorous." But according to some of Virgin's 7,500 flight crew members, they're also extremely uncomfortable. The Sun reports (subscription required) that the footwear, a glossy red take on Westwood's signature hourglass heels, is giving flight attendants blisters. Crediting the union Unite, the Sun also reports that "the collars are so tight some of [the flight attendants] have been left bleeding." (!)Read Full Story

 Enhanced FBI Database Lets Authorities Search Criminal And Non-Criminal Biometrics
The bureau's Next Generation Identifier, which took three years to develop, is now fully operational.The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Monday that its expanded biometric database Next Generation Identifier is now fully operational.Read Full Story

 Texting While Walking? In China, There's A Lane For That
Walk this way: A Chinese city has installed a special sidewalk lane for distracted walkers.Texting while walking may not seem as dangerous as texting while driving, but both distracted actions are a hazard to pedestrians. To raise awareness of the risks of not paying attention while walking, a city in China recently created a smartphone sidewalk lane for those who can't keep their eyes off their mobile devices.Read Full Story

 Why This Media Startup Is Betting On Print Newspapers
California Sunday, based in San Francisco, is giving the West Coast some new weekend reading.Most of America's magazines are based in New York City, which houses media giants like Conde Nast and Time Inc. But it always struck Douglas McGray, a journalist who has contributed to the New York Times Magazine and the New Yorker, as a bit odd that there wasn't a similar national general interest magazine that reflected a West Coast perspective.Read Full Story

 Apple's iPhone 6 Pre-Sales Press Release, Annotated
Instead of re-writing Apple's press release about iPhone 6 pre-sales, we annotated it in Genius.Read "Annotating Apple's iPhone 6 Press Release" by Chris Gayomali, Fast Company on News GeniusRead Full Story

 Microsoft Will Acquire Minecraft For $2.5 Billion
The deal is expected to close by the end of the year.Microsoft has announced that it will buy Minecraft creator Mojang, as predicted by rumors swirling around last week. The deal is expected to close by the end of the year, and will cost Microsoft $2.5 billion.Read Full Story

 The Latest Urban Outfitters Controversy? A Blood-Stained "Vintage" Kent State Sweatshirt
All yours for $129.No stranger to controversy, Urban Outfitters was caught selling a blood-stained "vintage" Kent State sweatshirt for $129 as an online exclusive this weekend. (Hat tip to BuzzFeed.) But if you were looking for a fall sweatshirt plainly referencing the May 1970 massacre of unarmed college students at the hands of the Ohio National Guard, well, you will have to look elsewhere: says the sweatshirt is now "sold out."Read Full Story

 How Do You Get People To Use Toilets In Places Where They Don't Already?
The problem requires more than just dropping toilets into areas that lack them--because a toilet no one uses sort of defeats the purpose.One billion people in the world lack access to a toilet--a state of affairs that is in large part responsible for the 1.5 million people who die each year from sanitation-related diseases. But fixing the problem requires more than just dropping toilets into areas that lack them.Read Full Story

 Why The Government Tech Sector Now Has Its Own Venture Capital Fund
As the Obamacare roll-out showed, governments can make policy all they want--but effective technology is needed to make it reality.When Ron Bouganim, a former Code for America accelerator director and naturalized U.S. citizen from Canada, was in the middle of raising money for his new venture capital fund focused on making government technology investments, two things happened at the same time that accelerated investor interest.Read Full Story Careers

 Companies Curb Use of Outside Law Firms
Many companies are cutting back on their use of outside law firms, and having staff attorneys handle midlevel deals or contracts.

 How to Moonlight Without the Worry
There are ways to align your day job with your other interests.

 Skills Gap Bumps Up Against Vocational Taboo
The Obama administration and governors from Michigan to North Carolina have a solution for some of the U.S. manufacturing sector's woes: German-style apprenticeship programs. But American firms are reluctant to buy in.

 German Training for U.S. Factory Workers
German robotics company Festo wants to make American factory workers more tech-savvy. The company's educational division, which offers training programs, is expanding in the U.S.

 Employees' Children Give Company an Earful on Social Causes
The youngsters gather weekly at Royal DSM's North America headquarters to develop recommendations for how the company can help people in developing countries and elsewhere.

 Are Colleges Producing Career-Ready Graduates?
In their new book 'Aspiring Adults Adrift,' sociologists Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa say parents and employers should ask whether schools are doing much to help students become productive adults.

 More Parents Foot the Bill for Business School
Prospective business students are trying to steer clear of student loans. Instead, they're sidling up to more familiar investors: their parents.

 What It Takes to Put On an Instagram-Ready Show
At New York Fashion Week, a handful of in-demand producers are responsible for creating captivating, Instagram-ready shows for many brands.

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