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US Business

 Dutch Law Sinks Drug Tie-Up

When Mylan moved its legal home to the Netherlands it gained not just tax savings, but a Dutch corporate rule book that gave it more levers to resist takeovers, such as Teva’s $40 billion proposal.

 At P&G, Lafley Prepares to Hand Over Reins
Procter & Gamble is expected to soon name David Taylor as CEO, succeeding A.G. Lafley, who came out of retirement to take a second stint running the company.

 Pre-Fab Nuclear Plants Prove Just as Expensive
Modular method of constructing nuclear facilities has run into problems such as costly delays and who will bear the brunt of the expense.

 Clock Is Ticking for Time Inc. CEO
Aggressive push in online video, ‘native’ ads and ‘big data’ are at the center of Joe Ripp’s strategy to save the company Henry Luce built.

 Virgin Galactic Awaits NTSB Findings
Federal investigators looking into the 2014 crash of a Virgin Galactic-backed experimental rocket ship are poised to highlight safety lapses during flight preparation, according to people familiar with the matter.

 Nontrade Concerns Cloud Obama's Pacific Deal
The administration’s push to clinch a sweeping Pacific trade deal this week faces stiff opposition over concerns—ranging from human trafficking to antigay laws—that have little to do with trade.

 Fed Officials May Offer More Clarity on Rates
Central bank officials are likely to emerge from their meeting Wednesday with short-term interest rates still pinned near zero, though they could send hints that they’re getting closer to raising the rates. Chairwoman Yellen has emphasized she expects higher U.S. borrowing costs before year-end.

 U.S. Durable Orders Up 3.4% in June
New orders for durable goods rose a seasonally adjusted 3.4% in June from a month earlier, the Commerce Department said.

Fast Company
Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

 Ebay Shutters Same-Day Courier Service
The company bids adieu to eBay Now, which offered same-day delivery from local stores.Ebay Now, the e-commerce site's same-day delivery service, is shutting down. As of Monday, eBay has put the brakes on the service, which offered courier delivery of popular items like t-shirts and toilet paper from local retail stores in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas.Read Full Story

 Delta's Fancy New Upgrade Could Put You On A Private Jet
If first class isn't exclusive enough for Delta's top flyers, this might do the trick.Delta Air Lines is unveiling a unique new perk for a few lucky customers—and it sure beats getting upgraded to first class. Starting this week, a select number of Delta's commercial flyers will be eligible to board one of its private jets, Bloomberg writes.Read Full Story

 Today in Tabs: Denton Folly and the Infinite Tabness
"Do you believe us now?" asks the ever-expanding army of Cosby victims.35 of the 46 women who have publicly accused Bill Cosby of rape or sexual assault told their stories to New York Magazine. The NYMag website has been down due to a denial of service attack (which might be because some dude doesn't like New York, the city, although that's pretty questionable) but you can read an archive of the main story and listen to two of the women's stories on Instagram. I'm told you can buy printed-out copies of the magazine in the back of most vape shops (??), but you could also read it on Tumblr if you're that desperate. Read Full Story

 95% Of Android Phones Could Be Hacked With Just One Text
A new vulnerability could steal a phone's contents with a single MMS message.Android users, beware: Security researchers have discovered that 95% of Android phones are vulnerable to attack through the dispatch of just one text message.Read Full Story

 Google Rethinking User Profiles, Logins
Soon, visitors won't have to use their Google Plus accounts to log into most of Google's services—and profiles will become more private.When Google Plus launched in 2011, Google hoped that its new social network—integrated with every portion of the Google experience—would lure eyeballs away from Facebook. That didn't happen. Now Google is putting increasing distance between Google Plus and Google's other services by deemphasizing Google Plus logins.Read Full Story

 Copied Someone's Joke On Twitter? Your Tweet May Be Deleted
Stolen jokes are an epidemic, and Twitter is finally cracking down on tweet plagiarism.Ever been the victim of plagiarism on Twitter—or, dare we say, the shameful purveyor of it? The social network seems to be putting an end to those pirated tweets by cracking down on users who steal jokes to inflate their Twitter cred.Read Full Story

 After Controversial Frat-Themed Party, Twitter Says It Will Make Diversity A Priority
It's about time. Like others in the tech industry, Twitter has long faced issues of gender inequality and racial homogeneity.Twitter came under fire last Tuesday when its revenue team threw a frat party-themed happy hour, complete with beer pong, red Solo cups, and a Greek alphabet-inspired sign that read "Twitter Frat House." Since Twitter is currently weathering a gender discrimination lawsuit brought by a former employee, the party was ill-advised, to say the least—but more importantly, it hit too close to home given the male-dominated landscape of Silicon Valley.Read Full Story

 Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking Warn Of Potentially Devastating "AI Arms Race"
Prominent researchers and tech leaders have signed an open letter calling for a ban on autonomous weapons.The Future Of Life Institute, a Boston-based research organization founded by Skype cofounder Jaan Tallinn and MIT cosmologist Max Tegmark, has published an open letter warning that artificially intelligent weapons could be in use within a decade, and could have devastating effects on humanity. Prominent scientists and tech leaders, including Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk, and Noam Chomsky, have endorsed the letter.Read Full Story

 Weathernews Wants To Make Everyone Into A Meteorologist
Japan's version of The Weather Channel uses social media input to produce better forecasts. Now it's taking the idea global.She's no Al Roker; she's not even human. The top weather forecaster on Japanese television is Airi, an animated character on the Weathernews channel. (She's part AI and part controlled by voice actors.) Airi not only points out the highs and lows on the map but also chitchats with viewers, who send in comments and questions. With her wide eyes, giggly voice, and geisha-like outfit, this "Weatherroid" may be a quintessential "Only in Japan" phenomenon. But Weathernews aims to take participatory meteorology global by combining its technology for analyzing social-media posts with the native social networks in other countries.Read Full Story

 How a Sex Toy vs. Patent Troll War Could Affect Your Kickstarter
A fight over haptic sex toys might put a heavier than welcome research burden on the crowdfunding site.If a series of patent lawsuits filed last week against Kickstarter and the makers of a number of haptic sex toys prevails, it could have a chilling effect on entrepreneurs using crowdfunding services.Read Full Story Careers

 Pilot Shortage Halves Republic Airways Stock
Republic Airways said a worsening pilot shortage is forcing it to cut its flying for big U.S. airlines, hurting the regional carrier’s profit and sending its stock plummeting by half.

 Big Risks for Rising Stars at Work
Companies treasure their high-potential employees, but those rising stars may be looking elsewhere.

 Do You Know What Your Time Is Really Worth?
There are new ways to look at the value of time, allowing people to make more thoughtful choices.

 New York's Hot Market for Cold Water
Selling bottled water on New York City streets promises high margins, but it’s a seasonal sort of business.

 One Sign of Inflation: Salaries for Some Presidential Campaigns
Donald Trump’s assertion that he has “massive wealth” doesn’t conform to standard Washington political disclosures, and neither do the salaries the Republican is paying top presidential campaign aides.

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