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Welcome to the Quantum Endeavors Leadership Academy!
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US Business

 New U.S. Study Fans Cellphone Cancer Worries

A new study found “low incidences” of two types of tumors in rats exposed to low-level radio waves emitted by cellphones has reignited debate, but many scientists said it was too soon to draw sweeping conclusions from the results.

 Trademark Board Issues Mixed Opinion in Coca-Cola 'Zero' Dispute
U.S. trademark authorities said Coca-Cola Co. doesn’t have exclusive rights to use “zero’’ even as they agreed to register the common English word for the company’s diet-soda and sports-drink brands.

 Verizon, Unions Reach Labor Pact
Verizon Communications and its labor unions have reached an agreement in principle that would end a weekslong labor strike.

 Hulk Hogan Case Stirs Funding-Disclosure Debate
Tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel’s financial backing of Hulk Hogan’s suit against Gawker is rekindling a debate about disclosing such arrangements.

 Big Oil Companies Stay Shy Despite Upswing in Prices
The world’s biggest energy companies are treating with caution the rally that briefly lifted crude-oil prices over $50 a barrel this week, wary of boosting spending and production too soon.

 Janet Yellen Sees Rate Hike Coming Soon
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen on Friday signaled the central bank will likely raise interest rates within months if the U.S. economy keeps gaining strength.

 U.S. Consumer Sentiment at Highest Level in 11 Months
Americans are more confident than at any time in almost a year—with the consumer sentiment index rising to 94.7 this month from April’s 89.0—as cheap gasoline, low interest rates, and a rebound in stocks boost the economy’s prospects.

 U.S. First-Quarter GDP Growth Revised Higher to 0.8%
The U.S. economy’s first-quarter slowdown was less pronounced than initially thought, and recent data have pointed to a pickup for growth this spring.

Fast Company
Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

 The Inside Story Of Donald Trump's Only High-Tech Venture
The Republican nominee's foray into interactive TV was an "early version of Netflix" but it didn't catch on.A federal appeals court judge held a hearing in D.C. to criticize independent counsel Kenneth Starr for news leaks about his investigation into President Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. Saving Private Ryan dominated the box office and Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine" sat at the top of the charts. And First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke before the nation's largest Latino civil rights group, urging Latinos to get high-tech skills because "the 21st century will be ruthless."Read Full Story

 Jaunt CEO Steps Down, VR Company Now Looking For A Growth-Oriented Replacement
Disney was the lead investor on a $65 million round in the company last year.The CEO of Jaunt, one of the most high-profile virtual reality companies, is stepping down.Read Full Story

 Watch Tony Hawk Show Off His Mad Skills in Zero Gravity
Hawk proves he can skateboard in just about any condition, including near weightlessness.Remember that episode of the Nickelodeon show Rocket Power, where Otto and the crew visit Tony Hawk's secret lair—dubbed The Hawk's Nest—and roller blade, skateboard, and snowboard through a veritable skaters' wonderland until they meet a cartoon Tony Hawk?Read Full Story

 There's Little Energy In Congress For Making Encryption Law
The bill with the highest profile, Burr-Feinstein, is little more than a giveaway to the FBI and NSA.Don't look for Congress to make a law on government access to encrypted data anytime soon. As members rush for the airport before the Memorial Day break, the high-profile standoff between Apple and the FBI over encryption backdoors is likely far from the top of their minds.Read Full Story

 Is America's Strongest Biometric Privacy Law About To Be Gutted?
Facebook could win a class action lawsuit over its facial recognition feature if this BIPA amendment passes in Illinois.One way to avoid difficult legislation is to change the law altogether.Read Full Story

 How Airbnb Made Its Payments System More Accessible To Brazilians For The Rio Olympics
Rio is now Airbnb's fourth largest city. The company has updated its payments system there so that locals can more easily use the site.In 2014, when Brazil hosted the World Cup, the number of Airbnb listings in Rio alone rocketed from about 800 to 17,000. But most Brazilians couldn't use their preferred payment methods to book a room on the homesharing site.Read Full Story

 Verizon's Multi-Billion-Dollar Play To Take On Netflix, Amazon, Google & Facebook
The telecom giant, which is in talks to acquire Yahoo, wants a piece of the digital content revolution.It's barely noon and the teenage girls at AOL's live studio in downtown Manhattan are already doing the giggle-scream, their excitement at the sight of Beau Mirchoff, star of MTV's Awkward, bubbling over into shrieks and Snapchats.Read Full Story

 Four Lessons On Work Culture That I Learned At Google
The cofounder of Google Analytics explains how he's borrowing what he liked best at Google to build his new startup's culture.I spent nearly 10 years at Google doing all kinds of stuff. I watched the company grow, change, get better, get worse, make mistakes, find solutions, and evolve—all from the inside. Some things I saw were brilliant, others less so. But now that I'm building my own startup, there are a few key aspects of Google's work culture that I've taken with me. Here are four of them.Read Full Story

 "Twilight Zone" Mastermind On Why Your Lying Child Is Destined For Genius (Or Jail)
PBS Digital Studios animated a 53-year-old interview with Rod Serling in which he talks about childhood creativity."Some liars go to prison, others write television shows," said Rod Serling. Luckily for TV history, Serling falls into the latter camp—he created the kooky science fiction series The Twilight Zone in 1959.Read Full Story

 Gary Numan Thinks The Music Industry's Collapse Is A Beautiful Thing
We talked to synth pop pioneer Gary Numan about Moog synthesizers and the state of the music industry.Gary Numan was an accidental pioneer. While recording with his band Tubeway Army in 1978, the British musician stumbled across the Minimoog synthesizer and began using the machine to give his songs a more electronic flavor. Despite his record label's fierce skepticism, Numan would quickly score now-recognizable hits like "Cars" and "Are Friends Electric?"Read Full Story Careers

 Goldman Sachs to Stop Rating Employees With Numbers
Goldman Sachs is eliminating numerical rankings in employee reviews and will experiment with an online system where employees can give and receive continuous feedback on performance.

 When the CEO Reports to Private-Equity Bosses
Executives can make their mark by becoming CEO of a company owned by private-equity investors. But senior managers risk career derailment if they can’t handle the strict personal accountability often demanded.

 Behind 'Hamilton's' Moves, a Man Inspired by 'The Matrix'
Andy Blankenbuehler, nominated for a Tony for “Hamilton,” is now busy with the coming revival of “Cats,” part of a wave of choreographers changing Broadway’s approach to dance.

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