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US Business

 Inside Kellogg's Effort to Cash In on the Health-Food Craze

Fixing its Kashi brand, says the CEO, is key to bulking up sales in the fast-growing natural and organic food aisles.

 Patent-Law Change Would Raise Medical Costs
A patent law change pushed by the pharmaceutical industry could cost federal health-care programs $1.3 billion over a decade by delaying new generic drugs, the Congressional Budget Office estimates.

 Oil Outage in Canada Boosts Prices, Fears
Problems at two Canadian oil-sands producers’ mainstay operations boosted synthetic crude prices—and experts say a prolonged dip in production could alter the volume of crude exports to the U.S.

 Startups Put Data in Farmers' Hands
Farmers and startups like Farmobile and Granular are starting to compete with agribusiness giants over the newest commodity being harvested on U.S. farms: data.

 Blue Bell Ice Cream Returns to Store Shelves
Cartons of Blue Bell ice cream began reappearing in grocery stores in cities Monday, a major step after the ice-cream maker yanked all its products following a deadly listeria outbreak and faced a financial crisis.

 California Lawmakers Approve Equal-Pay Measure
California lawmakers gave final approval to legislation that seeks to ensure equal compensation for women in the workplace by prohibiting employers from paying differing wages to employees who do “substantially similar work.”

 Fed Appears to Hold Line on Rate Plan
Federal Reserve officials emerged from a week of head-spinning financial turbulence largely sticking to their plan to raise U.S. interest rates before the end of the year.

 U.S. Port Traffic Hinted at China Slowdown
Long before investors lost faith in the Chinese stock market, something seemed amiss at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The number of containers coming from China was up, but beginning in 2013, fewer loads were being sent in the other direction.

Fast Company
Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

 Netflix: Why Watch "Hunger Games" When You Can Watch Our Original Movies?
The company sees itself as a rival to Hollywood studios—which explains why it declined to renew its contract with a movie distributor.On Sunday morning, Netflix's film aficionados got some disappointing news: Some of the most popular movies on Netflix will be taken down at the close of September because the streaming service declined to renew its contract with a movie distributor. Epix, the cable network that gave Netflix access to Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and many other titles, has instead inked a non-exclusive deal with Hulu. The decision appears to be a ploy to prioritize and promote Netflix's original content, which will soon include movies.Read Full Story

 Why Kim Kardashian's Instagram Post Was In Violation Of FDA Rules
There's a reason drug companies usually steer clear of social media.Kim Kardashian may be a marketing genius who has built one of the world's most successful celebrity brands—but when the FDA came knocking at her door, she knew to listen.Read Full Story

 Google Teams Up With Sanofi To Develop Diabetes Tech
French biotech giant Sanofi is teaming up with Google Life Sciences to develop new products for diabetics monitoring and treatment.Google is making another move into the profitable sphere of diabetes management: Its Life Sciences arm—which will soon fall under Google's new parent company, Alphabet—is announcing a partnership with Sanofi, a French pharmaceutical company, to build new treatment products for diabetes. The two firms will collaborate on product development and new methods for monitoring the condition.Read Full Story

 ISIS Destroys One Of Syria's Most Important Ancient Landmarks
Palmyra's 2,000-year-old Temple of Bel has been bombed.The Islamic State has reportedly destroyed another architectural landmark in Syria's ancient Palmyra city, according to the Associated Press. The Temple of Bel, which fell in an apparent bombing on Sunday, has been one of the most significant religious buildings in the ancient city of Palmyra for nearly 2,000 years.Read Full Story

 Today in Tabs: Sunglasses & Advil
Last month was mad real.Last month was mad real. Full Story

 Android Wear Watches Come To The iPhone--But No Third-Party Apps
Google brings its smartwatch platform to iOS. Part of it, anyway.The rumors dating back to last spring were true: Google is announcing that smartwatches based on its Android Wear platform will henceforth work with iPhones as well as Android smartphones.Read Full Story

 Obama Administration Proposes Sanctions In Retaliation For Chinese Cyberhacks
With Chinese president Xi Jinping making his first state trip in September, the U.S. government is proceeding with caution.The extensive breach of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which was revealed earlier this summer and compromised the records of 22 million Americans, was almost certainly the work of Chinese hackers. In an effort to curb cyberhacking, the White House is currently developing economic sanctions that would impede the operations of Chinese companies in the U.S., the Washington Post reports.Read Full Story

 6 Inventions That Will Turn Your Breakfast Into A Pee-Wee Herman Fever Dream
Thanks to Dominic Wilcox, your soggy bowl of Rice Krispies will never be the same.Dominic Wilcox is like a deranged Thomas Edison, known for creating wild and whimsical inventions, ranging from giant binoculars for your ears, to wingtips that point you home, to toothbrush maracas. And then there are the things he doesn't actually build, but will sketch out anyway.Read Full Story

 MIT Researchers Devise A More Fair System To Decide Who Gets Screwed By Flight Delays
Your flight is still getting delayed, you might just be a little less angry about it.When there's a sprinkling of snow and your flight is hours delayed, it can be incredibly frustrating to watch other flights from another airline take off on time as if it were a sunny day in June.Read Full Story

 A Revolution Of Outcomes: How Pay-For-Success Contracts Are Changing Public Services
Should governments solicit private capital to fund social projects?Across the country, and around the world, governments have been experimenting with a radical new way of delivering social services. They've begun "paying for success." Pay-for-success (PFS) refers to when governments collaborate with outside investors who put up money for particular interventions that save money in the long run, such as therapies to help homeless mothers get back on their feet or programs to stop parolees from landing back in jail. The contracts, agreed between officials and "impact" funders and delivered by third-party nonprofits, pay returns if the interventions meet pre-agreed targets—for example, a reduction in the rate of recidivism by a certain amount. In theory, PFS represents a win-win for everyone: governments get to spend less money, while investors make a profit and have the satisfaction of facilitating new types of programs.Read Full Story Careers

 Branding Gets Personal for These Job Seekers
Jonathan Gaffney’s 10-session job readiness course includes a personal branding workshop for construction workers and sales clerks.

 School for Mermaids Makes a Splash
Wannabe mermaids are strapping on monofins and taking to pools and beaches around the world. A school for mermaids in Spain teaches students how to do flips and dives.

 New Labor-Board Rule Speeds Union Votes
Business groups that feared a new federal rule would speed union-organizing elections were right: The average election time has fallen 40% since the rule took effect in April.

 Workers Get New Tools for Airing Their Gripes
A host of firms have lately been experimenting with online tools that allow co-workers to send one another criticism or praise, sometimes anonymously.

 Lixil Director Aims to Lead the Charge Against Japan's Glass Ceiling
Lady Barbara Judge, a former SEC member and a non-Japanese, wants to help Japan break its glass ceiling for women in leadership positions.

 Home-Health Aide Labor Rule Revived by Court
A federal appeals court on Friday revived a Labor Department regulation extending minimum-wage and overtime pay to most home-health workers, reversing trial court decisions that had struck down the rule.

 The Greek Fisherman's Lament
Greeks have earned a living from fish for eons, but six years of crisis has left this way of life in shambles. Few think the woes will end soon.

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