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Welcome to Your Corporate Success!
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ExecCoach Ann
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ExecCoach Ann
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Supporting people to step up and into their best is at the heart of my coaching. I leverage both my 30 years of corporate success and my extensive coach training and certification to support you to c . . . keep reading US Business
US Business

 Companies Shy Away From Spending

Businesses appear reluctant to step up spending on the basic building blocks of the economy, such as machines, computers and new buildings.

 Web Sales Hum, but With Smaller Orders
The average amount Americans spent in some key product categories declined on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, as mobile shopping drove smaller orders, and aggressive discounts pushed down prices.

 No Credit History? Your Smartphone Usage Will Do
A handful of Silicon Valley-backed startups are looking to revolutionize lending in the developing world, where banks are scarce and many would-be borrowers have no credit history.

 Why the U.S. Pays More Than Other Countries for Drugs
Norway and other state-run health systems drive hard bargains, and are willing to say no to costly therapy.

 Ethanol Companies Get Boost From U.S. Quotas
U.S. regulators cut annual requirements for how much ethanol must be mixed into the nation’s fuel supply. But the reductions were smaller than originally proposed, softening the blow to ethanol companies.

 IMF Adds Chinese Yuan as Lending-Reserve Currency
Marking a milestone in China’s ascendancy as a global economic power, the International Monetary Fund added the Chinese yuan to its basket of elite reserve-lending currencies.

 China Manufacturing Reports Point to Difficulty in Meeting Growth Goals
An official gauge of China’s manufacturing activity fell to its lowest level in more than three years, fueling fears that the country’s economy is cooling further despite a raft of government stimulus measures.

 Fed Adopts Dodd-Frank Bailout Limits
The Federal Reserve adopted a new rule restricting its ability to lend money to financial institutions in a crisis in an attempt to ease concerns from lawmakers who worry about the central bank’s unchecked power to pump money into the financial system.

Fast Company
Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

 Can Nokia's $60,000 Professional Camera Shoots Make VR More Real?
The Ozo was built to capture realistic sound in 360 degrees.Virtual reality has a reality problem—as in, it doesn't always feel that real.Read Full Story

 WhatsApp Is Screening Links To Rival App Telegram
Users of Telegram, a popular messaging app, report that they can't click on links sent in competing chat service WhatsApp.Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is supposedly blocking links to a rival app, Telegram, according to users of the service. Telegram users took to Reddit to say that while they could still post URLs to in WhatsApp, the messages did not appear as hyperlinks and could not be clicked or copied into another app. The block was first reported this morning—and it isn't the first time parent company Facebook has employed this type of screening on its platform.Read Full Story

 NASA's New Spacecraft Will Touch The Sun
Solar Probe Plus, launching in 2018, will fly by the sun's corona.Scientists at NASA and Johns Hopkins University are working on a space probe that will literally touch the surface of the sun. NASA's Solar Probe Plus, which is currently being built, will cost $1.5 billion and will carry an array of sensors into the sun's corona, where they will (hopefully) survive temperatures of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit to collect data for later scientific use.Read Full Story

 Apple Music's Sonos Launch Is More Than Another Integration
Apple Music's partnership with Sonos is a notable moment for streaming music.Starting December 15, Sonos smart speakers will let Apple Music users pipe even more music throughout their homes.Read Full Story

 Even Barbie Can Be Hacked
A security researcher accessed personal information stored by Hello Barbie, a Wi-Fi-enabled talking Barbie doll.Toy manufacturers are learning a hard lesson about Wi-Fi-enabled dolls, action figures, and building sets: They can be hacked pretty easily.Read Full Story

Seriously, though, donate to Planned Parenthood right now. The quiet holiday weekend dragged on for nearly one and a half whole days before a terrorist attacked the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, ultimately murdering Garrett Swasey, a police officer and father of two young children, and two civilians: Jennifer Markovsky, a 35-year-old mother of two, and Ke'Arre Stewart, an Army veteran who served in Iraq and was also a father of two. Of course, as Republican strategist Amanda Carpenter told Yahoo News's Hunter Walker, this was "politically uncomfortable" for the Republican presidential candidates, who naturally find it awkward when their womens' health and gun control policies are implemented by freelancers. They all ultimately made the prudent decision not to openly praise the shooter. Ben Carson suggested a peaceful dialogue would be a good way to decide whether mothers, police officers, and military vets should be murdered. Carly Fiorina called the killer "a protester" just like Black Lives Matter. Mike Huckabee called it "domestic terrorism" (hey that's pretty good right–) "…especially for those us in the pro-life movement." (oh.) The killer is already being carefully excised from his community of violent radicals, but Secret Gamer Girl is not going to let that stand. She traced the very clear and open connections between the Planned Parenthood attacker, the men who attacked Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis, Gamergate, and the internet's white supremacist movement. It's long but if you read nothing else about all this chaos, read this, and understand: this is an organized terrorist movement. The other thing you should read, which is much shorter, is Roqayah Chamseddine on why no one needs your sarcastic performative jokes about tragedy: "What many are calling sarcasm is in fact nothing more than an impotent masquerade." You can donate to Planned Parenthood here. Read Full Story

 How Cyber Monday Was Born
The creator of the online bargain bonanza on how they dreamed up a new shopping holiday—and why it was almost called "Blue Monday."Here's a bit of trivia for you as you spend the day scouring the Internet for bargains: It's the 10th anniversary of Cyber Monday.Read Full Story

 The NSA Just Ended Its Controversial Phone Records Program. But...
One of the largest intelligence initiatives of the post-9/11 era is over, but critics worry that it could be revived through a legal loophole.One of the most infamous signifiers of the post-9/11 era quietly ended on Sunday. The NSA's bulk metadata collection program, which was first revealed by Edward Snowden over two and a half years ago, lost its legal mandate this weekend; the program, which involved the collection of data about phone calls and text messages such as caller and recipient, time and date, and duration but not the contents, will not be renewed.Read Full Story

 Billionaires Launch A Massive Clean Energy Fund, But Can The World Wait For Its Breakthroughs?
Bill Gates leads a who's who list of billionaires seeking to speed up development of the most transformative energy research.Here's some terrific news for early-stage energy entrepreneurs everywhere: a powerful group of investors wants to invest in your ideas.Read Full Story

 How Microsoft's HoloLens May Change Everything For Industrial And Mechanical Designers
By integrating Microsoft's "mixed reality" system and Autodesk's Fusion 360 design software, designers can see 3D holograms of their work.Soon, product designers will be able to get up close and personal with their creations while they're still planning them. Rather than just look at digital models on their computer screens, they could walk around a 3-D hologram of the design.Read Full Story Careers

 Netflix's Former Top Recruiter on the Workplace of the Future
Patty McCord, the one-time chief talent officer of the video-streaming service, on how social media will transform what we do and how we do it.

 CFOs Take Charge After a Deal Is Done
As deal making rises, the chief financial officer of the acquiring company most often is in charge of the process of integrating finances, process and people of two separate companies.

 Wall Street Perk: Parental Leave
Wall Street firms have been competing to offer the best benefits for new parents, adding weeks of paid leave and providing perks such as nannies for business trips. The latest entrant in the race: Credit Suisse.

 Second Acts: A Retired Surgeon Takes on a New Medical Mission
To fill the looming shortage of primary-care physicians, a former surgeon starts an organization that retrains retired specialists to be generalists.

 JetBlue Eyes Flying-Time Rules With New Pilot-Training Program
JetBlue Airways has devised a pilot-training program for novice fliers, seeking to demonstrate to regulators that students can attain proficiency more quickly than current rules allow.

 Japan Saying Sayonara to Long Hours at the Office
The lights aren’t burning so late at some of Japan’s workplaces, as more and more workers trade in notoriously long hours at the office for flexible workdays and telecommuting.

 Should You Follow an Old Boss to a New Job?
Being a follower can boost a senior manager’s career, but betting on a superstar boss’s next success can be risky.

 Startups Vie to Deliver Turkeys, Wine in 1 Hour
This Thanksgiving, a host of startups, plus e-commerce titan, are offering to deliver a last-minute bottle of wine, a bag of stuffing mix or a DVD, in an hour or less.

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