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US Business

 Toshiba Profit Markdown May Double Earlier Estimates

Toshiba is likely to mark down its past operating profit by at least $814 million as a result of accounting irregularities.

 Southwest Airlines and Flight Attendants in Tentative Pact
Southwest Airlines has struck a tentative deal with its largest union, the group representing its flight attendants.

 Greek Importers Begin to Feel the Squeeze
Capital controls in Greece don’t appear yet to have significantly curbed the country’s imports, especially of essential items. But for nonessential goods, Greek importers are starting to feel the squeeze.

 Rivals Lurked Behind Aetna's Deal With Humana
Jockeying among the three other major health insurers—UnitedHealth, Anthem and Cigna—played into the dynamics of Aetna’s $34.1 billion deal to acquire Humana.

 Uber to Suspend Uberpop in France
Uber Technologies plans to suspend one of its main services in France, days after French prosecutors indicted two top executives on charges of running that service illegally.

 Greek, German Tensions Turn to Resentment
Whatever the outcome of Greece’s bailout referendum, tensions between Greeks and Germans over the debt crisis have now erupted into open displays of frustration and resentment that won't die down quickly.

 Fitch Affirms Russia's Rating
Fitch Ratings affirmed its investment-grade rating for Russia, while maintaining its negative outlook for the nation.

 Ends No Longer Meet in Puerto Rico
Business leaders see the island’s debt crisis as a spur to cut government spending, but the dependency on an expansive welfare system is deep.

Fast Company
Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.

 A Heartwarming Look At The July Fourth Parades Of Yesteryear
Stars, stripes, and tiny horses.The 1930s and 1940s were tough decades for the United States. The Great Depression crippled the economy, and World War II tested the nation's resolve. It was also a golden age for documentary photography. Under the direction of Roy Stryker, the Farm Security Administration (FSA) and Office of War Information (OWI) created a remarkable pictorial record of American life with the help of top-notch photographers like Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, and Berenice Abbott. While shots such as Lange's Migrant Mother and Evans's portraits from impoverished Alabama relay the generation's haunting desperation, images from Fourth of July celebrations show how even the harshest times did not obliterate the country's spirit.Read Full Story

 Take The Fast Company News Quiz
What happened this week? Here's our quiz for July 3, 2015.Did you follow the news this week? Research says that one of the best ways to solidify new information is to be tested on it. Here's a chance to bolster your knowledge of current events—and earn a special emoji badge. Read Full Story

 5 Great Free Apps For A Long Weekend
Hit the road, see the sights, find a room, and more.Summer's in full swing, which means it's time to blow off work and do some sightseeing. If you find yourself with a few extra days on your hands, these free apps can help you make the most of them.Read Full Story

 FBI Probes Fiber-Optic Internet Saboteurs In California
The suspects attacked the fiber-optic cables that carry the Internet—the eleventh such incident in the past year.After a mysterious Internet outage this week affected customers in the San Francisco Bay Area—even reaching as far as Seattle—the FBI revealed it is investigating the incident. The Bay Area's physical Internet infrastructure has been attacked by highly skilled saboteurs on ten other occasions in the past year alone.Read Full Story

 Greek Startups Cut Off From The Cloud
Greece's emergency foreign spending restrictions have left tech companies scrambling to fund web hosting accounts and other services.The ongoing financial crisis in Greece has left some tech companies struggling to pay the bills—but not because they don't have money in the bank.Read Full Story

 Sony Has A New Crowdfunding Website For Employee Projects
"First Flight" is a crowdfunding and e-commerce platform that sells experimental creations developed by Sony employees. This story originally appeared on Last year, Sony revealed a business program that encouraged employees to develop the most innovative ideas they can think of in an effort to find new hits. Now, the company has launched a crowdfunding and e-commerce platform called "First Flight" for products that come out of that project. While its main purpose is to raise funds for and sell Sony's experimental creations, the company's hoping it can also help connect it with audiences and gauge the public's interest. For its debut, First Flight is selling two products, which were already crowdfunded through third-party websites in the past: an e-paper smartwatch and a small device called "Mesh" tag that can turn devices into connected gadgets.Read Full Story

 The NYPD's Visible--and Invisible--Plans for July 4th Security
The NYPD is on high alert this holiday, from snipers and radiation detectors on the ground to digital ears in the Twittersphere.The last thing the NYPD wants to do is panic people as they gather to celebrate July 4th. Although they will be increasing their security presence significantly at July 4th celebrations this year in the form of rooftop snipers and radiation detectors, that's only the tip of the iceberg.Read Full Story

 How Andre Iguodala Of The Golden State Warriors Is Expanding His Brand Off The Court
The MVP and NBA champ didn't move to Silicon Valley for nothing.Andre Iguodala is having a moment.Read Full Story

 Today in Tabs: Bitch Better Have My Tabs
Don't watch that Surströmming video unless your day needs ruining.From my perspective as a man I think that new Rih—hey, wait what are you.. [rest of message inaudible from inside trunk of Rihanna's car]Read Full Story

 Snap, Crackle, R.I.P.: New Bubble Wrap Won't Burst
No more poppin'.Say it ain't so! Sealed Air, the company behind the fantastic boredom buster that is Bubble Wrap, has just announced an update to its storied product: a Bubble Wrap that does NOT pop. Read Full Story Careers

 Per Se Settles With New York Over Server Tips for Private Parties
Per Se, one of Manhattan’s most exclusive restaurants, reached a settlement with the New York state attorney general’s office on charges that it improperly withheld tips from some employees for almost two years.

 Meet the Art World's New Leaders
As art values soar, fierce competition has driven Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips to seek new leaders. Here’s how Tad Smith, Patricia Barbizet and Edward Dolman are transforming their houses and shaking up the art market.

 Fancy a Gondola Ride? Try Omaha
In recent years, gondoliers in dozens of U.S. cities have established operations, promising passengers they can experience the best of Italy minus the jet lag.

 Misty Copeland Promoted to Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre
The ballerina’s promotion from soloist makes her the first African-American female principal dancer at the venerable New York ballet company.

 What Employers Need to Know About Court's Gay-Marriage Ruling
The Supreme Court ruling will have vast implications for employers, which until now have been operating under a patchwork of different state and federal laws governing the legal and tax treatment of same-sex unions.

 Docents Gone Wild
Arts-loving retired baby boomers are hustling to volunteer as museum tour guides—but they sometimes go rogue, touching the art, misstating facts and committing other infractions.

 A Day in the Hectic, Happy Life of a Winemaker
From fork-lifting grapes to tasting red blends, Richard Olsen-Harbich loves his work on the North Fork of Long Island so much, he hopes he can do it forever.

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